28 September 2014 17:10:04

Venetian Macao places Sheldon Adelson atop Asian Gaming 50 again this year

Sands Macao changed the game in Macau; Venetian Macao rewrote the rule book and redrew the map.

16 September 2014 17:10:23

Activist/author Pisani sees a place for corruption

If you eradicate corruption, whatever replaces it needs to fit its cultural and political context.

13 September 2014 15:40:18

Hong Kong needs democracy; ‘Occupy the Process’ to get it

Hong Kong people have the right to choose their own leader without Beijing’s heavy hand interfering.

11 September 2014 12:57:02

Macau chief Chui faces protest, casino license challenges

In a second term, Macau chief executive Fernando Chui faces growing labor and political activism, plus looming casino license expirations.

3 September 2014 13:41:47

Macau revenue falls again, no recovery this year

Macau’s casino revenue fell for a third straight month, and analysts don’t see a real upturn before 2015.

2 September 2014 03:32:24

Macau casinos harness stars’ marketing punch

Entertainment helps Macau casinos market their products even where they can’t mention gambling.

27 August 2014 16:29:54

Japan casino gold mine may not pan out

International casino companies may find $5 billion casino resorts in Japan won’t pay off.

21 August 2014 14:16:10

Junket, hotel investor tries Ho Tram, Vietnam

Hotel and junket investor Chien Lee has bet on Vietnam’s Ho Tram Strip casino resort cluster.


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