29 July 2014 15:24:06

Macau VIP phone betting relies on honor system

Macau casinos allow high rollers to bet by phone, with plenty of hang-ups.

19 July 2014 17:02:23

Saipan casino legalization shows how not to do it

US owned Saipan looks like a banana republic in its flawed contest for awarding a casino license.

14 July 2014 03:19:24

Caesars finally gets its piece of Asia in Korea

A foothold for Caesars Entertainment in Incheon is unlikely to turn around the casino giant’s declining fortunes.

2 July 2014 04:44:39

Macau casino shares rally after June revenue falls

Investor conviction that June’s revenue fall represents a bottom for Macau’s slump may prove premature.

25 June 2014 03:43:40

Russia tries to join the Asian gaming boom

Vladivostok is a shorter trip than Macau from Beijing and northern China, and Russia hopes casinos there can cash in.

20 June 2014 04:02:22

Japan tiptoes toward casinos

Casino legalization in Japan will be a marathon, not a sprint.

16 June 2014 12:38:04

Macau investors overreact to bad news

Insiders say recent issues hitting Macau share prices don’t matter much in the long run.

5 June 2014 12:56:38

Investors demand more from Macau

Growth numbers that would make other gaming destinations swoon don’t impress markets in Hong Kong and the US.


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