25 October 2014 16:41:58

Singapore regulators push non-gaming revenue

Hotels, conventions and other non-gaming attractions deliver a quarter of the revenue at Singapore’s casino resorts.

20 October 2014 02:11:22

New Indonesia president faces legislative deadlock

Indonesia’s old guard aims to derail reformist president Joko Widowo, a potentially transformational political figure.

17 October 2014 13:28:10

Hong Kong, Beijing need electoral reform all can accept

There must be room to negotiate to let Hong Kong to choose a representative chief executive.

15 October 2014 01:03:47

Philippines gears up for casino big leagues

Manila’s new integrated resorts will need foreign players by the planeload to meet expectations.

10 October 2014 15:37:56

Rough September, worse October for Macau

Even Mainland China’s Golden Week holiday can't fix Macau’s hangover from a dismal September.

1 October 2014 15:45:07

South Korea casinos bank on Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists, liberal benefits to players and integrated resort plans make Standard Chartered Bank bullish on South Korea.

28 September 2014 17:10:04

Venetian Macao places Sheldon Adelson atop Asian Gaming 50 again this year

Sands Macao changed the game in Macau; Venetian Macao rewrote the rule book and redrew the map.

16 September 2014 17:10:23

Activist/author Pisani sees a place for corruption

If you eradicate corruption, whatever replaces it needs to fit its cultural and political context.


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