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Wynn ousts Okada in billionaire brawl (Asia Times, February 25, 2013)


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Bo Xilai airbrushed from family album (Asia Times, March 13, 2013)


Searching the globe for China Inc: Review of China’s Silent Army: The Pioneers, Traders, Fixers and Workers Who Are Remaking the World in Beijing’s Image by Juan Pablo Cardenal and Heriberto Araujo (Asia Times, March 22, 2013)


Experience Counts: Study links customer service to satisfaction, loyalty (Macau Business, April 2013, pg 64)


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Forty-billion pataca question: After a MOP30 billion month, Macau seeks the next milestone (Macau Business, May 2013, cover story, pg 60)


Coming out party: Konami Gaming ramps up to hit jackpot in Asia (Macau Business, June 2013, pg 76)


London eye on Macau: TSC John Huxley chief Cath Burns focuses on tables, where the Macau action is (Macau Business, June 2013, pg 78)


Opportunity knocks: IGT invests in Asian-themes games to raise regional market share (Macau Business, June 2013, pg 80)


Harvest time: Bally Technologies rolls out new games from new Asia studio (Macau Business, June 2013, pg 82)


New name, raised game: Former Shuffle Master makes G2E Asia debut as SHFL Entertainment (Macau Business, June 2013, pg 84)


Macau doubles down on mega-resorts bet (Asia Times, June 27, 2013)


Hey, big spender: Mass market premium players hold the key to revenue growth (Macau Business, July 2013, pg 66)


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MB Report: Gaming in the Philippines (Macau Business, August 2013)


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Tale of two casino countries (Asia Times, September 11, 2013)


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View from above in Indonesia (Asia Times, November 4, 2013)


Politicians spice Malay-Indo melting pot (Asia Times, November 15, 2013)


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