Unhappy FU Day from US 2024 presidential raceMuhammad Cohen

Unhappy FU Day from US 2024 presidential raceMuhammad Cohen

Greetings and salutations for Felix Unger Day. May your linguine never be garbage.

This year’s FU Day falls amid the US 2024 presidential race, featuring a codependent odd couple of white men pushing 80 from either end as the major party front runners. Polls show a majority of the country would rather have different nominees on each side; instead, the erstwhile world’s greatest democracy is giving the electorate a big, fat FU.

As The Odd Couple hypnotist episode quotes Shakespeare, “The fault lies not within our stars but within our selves.” Or as Felix Unger himself said, “Let it be on your head.”

Former US diplomat and broadcast news producer Muhammad Cohen is Asia editor at large for iGaming Business, a longtime contributor to Forbes, columnist for Asia Times and author of Hong Kong On Air, a novel set in his adopted hometown during the 1997 handover about TV news, love, betrayal, high finance, and cheap lingerie. See his bio, archive and more at www.muhammadcohen.com; follow him on Facebook, Twitter @MuhammadCohen and LinkedIn.

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